Life and Culture

Horneck Castle is situated high above the banks of the river Neckar. From its terrace you have a wonderful view over the historic town centre of Gundelsheim as well as over Guttenberg Castle (with its famous falconry) and over the scenery of the Neckar valley with the so-called Heavenly Realm - an historic terraced vineyard built by the congregation of the Teutonic Order.


A journey in time leads us through the twists and turns of the eventful history of Horneck Castle.

Transylvanian Heritage and Community Centre

Horneck Castle is a Transylvanian Saxon heritage centre which invites you to gather, enjoy, browse, learn and experience:

  • Heritage and Community Centre: a multitude of cultural events awaits you in the Baroque Hall, the historic conference rooms or in the moat.
  • Transylvanian Saxonian Museum: with its 22.000 exhibits this is the  largest collection of Transylvanian Saxonian artefacts outside  Romania.
  • Transylvanian Saxonian Institute:
    • an internationally networked research centre
    • a library with 87.000 media items and the largest collection of Transylvanian objects west of Budapest
    • the most significant archive for the culture and history of Transylvanian Saxons in Germany: 1.500 meters of archive records, literary remains, archive of imagery and sound recordings.

Celebrations, Meetings and more

The spacious complex of Horneck Castle offers the perfect setting for many occasions:

  • as a special backdrop for festive weddings, large family celebrations, company parties or class reunions
  • as an unusual venue for lectures, conferences and seminars
  • as a stage for readings, concerts, cabaret or theatre
  • as an exciting location for films, photo shooting and fashion photos.

Overnight Stays

A stately and unique atmosphere awaits you within the historic walls of the former castle of the Teutonic Order.

25 spacious, listed bedrooms and an elegant breakfast and meeting room with a view over the vineyard on the Neckar known as the Heavenly Realm, contribute to the enjoyment of our guests.


Rooms for almost every Occasion

  • Baroque Hall
  • Art Nouveau Hall
  • three seminar rooms in Baroque style
  • breakfast and meeting room
  • moat
  • the castle as a backdrop.