The Transylvanian Institute with Library and Archive

The Transylvanian Institute in Horneck Castle is the central research and documentation centre in Germany for the culture and history of Transylvanian Saxons. This scientific institution deals with the multi-ethnic and multi-religious region of Transylvania. The work consists mainly of documentation, research and teaching, as well as the realisation of research projects, the publication of scientific papers and the organisation of conferences. Since March 2003, the internationally renowned institute has been affiliated to the Seminar for Eastern European History of the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg. In this way the long-standing, intensive cooperation with several faculties of the University of Heidelberg and with the University Library has been given an institutional framework.

The Institute includes the Transylvanian Library with over 87,000 media units, including many Transylvanica - the largest collection west of Budapest - and the Archive with around 1500 metres of shelf place, many special collections (such as church registers, family books, estates, maps, association archives, photographs, postcards, posters, films and sound recordings). Interested parties can search for the available publications worldwide, since the Transylvanian Library is affiliated to the Southwest German Library Network. Card catalogues and a well-equipped reference library with reference books of all kinds are available on site. 

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Contact Management: Ingrid Schiel (M.A.)
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Tuesday to Friday 9-12 and 13-16 and by prior arrangement
Contact library, archive, estates: Ute Heiser, Martha Holl-Krause, Dipl.-Bibl. (FH) Christian Rother, Dipl.-Bibl. (FH)  Hannelore Schnabel
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