News about booking during the period ofreconstruction 2018/2020

Overnight stays can only be booked after the completion of the reconstruction july 2020.

The Baroque Hall, the small baroque room next to it and the Art Nouveau Hall can be booked for events up to the beginning of the major conversion work at Horneck Castle in summer 2018.

During the conversion only the Art Nouveau Hall can be used.

After the conversion due to be completed mid 2020, all our rooms will be at your disposal, including 30 new rooms, new seminar rooms and the rooms in the community centre.

Booking Rooms

Stately and Exclusive

Book the room that meets your needs. 

We offer customised solutions in historicrooms!

Our rooms are of different sizes, you will find the right location for your event with us! We will find the right solution for your event with our rooms of variable size, up to 300 sqm.

For further information, please contact our event management:
Tel. 06269 - 42 75 619


Baroque Hall

The particularly beautiful Baroque Hall, 130 sqm, with a magnificent candelabra, gilded wall capitals, stucco decorations on walls and ceiling, can be booked for various representative, official or private events, such as weddings, receptions, concerts, readings, cultural or corporate events.

It seats 120 persons and can be hired with or without seating.

A Schiedmayer grand piano is available for concerts or background music.

The room is unforgettable with its wonderful view over the Neckar valley and its castles.


Baroque room next to the Baroque Hall

Located next to the Baroque Hall, the Baroque room offers 47 sqm, Art Nouveau furniture and can be used as an additional lounge e.g. for the buffet for the Baroque Hall or as an independent meeting room. The room is equipped with a long table and 14 chairs.


Art Nouveau Hall

Book the festive Art Nouveau hall with its 91 sqm for various events, such as celebrations, seminars, workshops, meetings.Eight tables and 32 chairs are available, you may choose the arrangement you need. If required, the seating can be extended.


Three Baroque Rooms

Three beautiful baroque rooms, 45 sqm to 47 sqm in size and situated next to each other, with stucco decorations on the walls and ceiling, offer various possibilities for your seminars or workshops. If you are planning parallel work sessions, you can book all three rooms together.


Retreat rooms, coaching zones

Additionally we offer rooms for retreat, for private conversations, or as a coaching zone.


Meetings and Accomodation

Our spacious historic rooms are ideal for a longer stay. Have breakfast with an impressive view over  the Heavenly Realm , the famous local vineyard on  the Neckar. 

After the conversion there will be about 30 rooms at your disposal.


Celebrations, Meetings and more

The spacious grounds of Horneck Castle offer the perfect setting for every occasion: 

  • as a special backdrop for festive weddings, receptions, large family celebrations, corporate parties or class reunions,
  • as an extraordinary ambience for lectures, conferences and seminars,
  • as a stage for readings, concerts, cabaret or theatre,
  • as an exciting location for film, photo shooting and fashion shows.

Rooms for almost Every Occasion

  • Baroque Hall
  • Art Nouveau Hall
  • Three seminar rooms in Baroque style
  • Breakfast and meeting room
  • Moat
  • Castle as backdrop

Conference Technology: We provide lectern, beamer, projection screen, microphone, loudspeaker, audio system and more.